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Another before and after via safety

Holy Cow! It’s been so long since I shared once of these I almost forgot how to blog lol

So grandma came with her daughter to the newborn session with an oooollllddddd prop! A hanging scale! Loved it and knew just what to do. It was my first time doing one of these edits so I didn’t think it would be that hard!
Here is the before: A good wood shot!
I actually flipped the original picture so the tin part was facing the same way. Then I copied and pasted just the baby and the white blanket from this shot:
I zoomed in and used a tiny brush to erase back the details. Here is the final image:

Now, if I had the chance to do it again I would have grandma lift up on the scale next time so the black blanket doesn’t cover the bottom AND to actually have the needle move 🙂
But for my first time…I think it’s a winner! And I’m all about being safe!
Next week, I gotta swing to use! Before and after pics…PROMISE!

xoxo, Katie

Before and After’s AKA MAGIC

Soooooooooo dad REALLY wanted this image done of his son in the football helmet. I have seen them done ( I studied) but when I heard lil man was 8 lbs and some change at birth I got nervous!!! I wasn’t gonna be doing his session until he was 2 weeks old. SO the whole time I figured I would photoshop him on the helmet. So I made sure to get that pose on the beanbag so I could do so 🙂
BUT he did so good at his session and we padded the helmet so nicely +paci and WHALA!
So here is the before of how it went down…
Hopefully the picture is self explanatory!

So then mom hits me up with this one. This rocking chair was handmade by her dad 30 years ago!!! On the bottom is happy 2nd birthday etched in the wood…I about died!! So sweet! And she has it in the baby’s nursery now, so I knew what to do 😉
No waaaaay was he gonna fit on that seat nor let us try+too risky.
So I took 2 pictures. One of just the horse and one of him on the same white blanket.
I just moved him and the blanket to the bottom of the horse and did some resizing. Now, Mom knows we did this but I bet grandpa is BLOWN AWAY (in my very best Carrie Underwood voice).

And remember*****Patience is the KEY to newborn photography!

Sessions with wood floors!

I posted a how to on wood backdrops and wanted to share some pictures of how I used the wood!







awwwwww the wood floor look!! How in the world do you do it? Well, there are TONS of ways! For instance, my first wood floor was PAPER! Yup! Paper. It worked for awhile and then in wrinkled, ripped etc etc.

I had this vision of GORGEOUS wood walls and I knew exactly what it looked like in my head. I just had to try and get it out of my head and into words for the hubby to understand 🙂
He did. Here is what we did.
SO I knew I wanted REAL looking hard wood floors with 3D knots and grooves. I didn’t want a sheen or shine to my wood like laminate does. Plus there are no grooves when you put them together. SO at Lowe’s we purchased 3 side paneling pieces. They are about $30 each. They measure 6×9…I think.
Picked out my stain. It’s a preference thing. I steered away from anything that was real red or black.
I choose this: dark walnut is the stain color.
I picked up 3 cans thinking I would need it all and hubby said I wouldn’t. I didn’t listen to him and he was right. 1 small can did those big 3 slabs of wood. But again, it takes more stain to make it darker..its a preference thing.

The bottom floor are 2 pushed together and the top one is just layed horizontal. I like the grooves on the floor running vertical to give the picture depth. I may change it when I get bored :0
Here is a picture straight out of the camera using natural light 50mm 1.2L lens and automatic white balance. ISO 160 ss 250 2.0f stop
Here is the same shot with my alien bee set at 1/16th. Camera settings the same except I changed my white balance to K5600 (kelvin)
I like the studio light one better.

This is just how I did it and what works for me in my studio. Did the paper floors work? Sure. But only for awhile and I like getting the most bang for my buck!!!

I will be posting a session using the floors later this week 😉

xoxo ,

Some before and afters!

I had the MOST gorgeous baby boy come into the studio on Wednesday!! His mommy called me the day before to deliver the news of some “skin issues”. Poor guy had a little contact dermatitis on his trunk. I convinced her to keep the appointment and told her I can “fix” it.
I used my HUe/Sat and pulled out some red. Made a new layer. Clicked on some pretty colored skin and lowered my opacity to around 20 something and painted over the splotchy red on his back…a few times until I liked it. LOVE THAT BLANKET-looks like denim=obsessed for boys!

Here is a pullback shot of how I pose my babies to keep their faces out of the blanket. So they have 2 eyes instead of 1 😉 It’s nothing fancy but a long skinny pillow folded in half. It’s what works for me. I’M sure you have something around the house you could use instead of buying expensive posing pillows or purchase them. I’m sure they work great! But I am a home made kind of girl. I also folded his blanket and tucked it under the blankets where his feet are just to lift them a little.

Again, this is what works for me. YOu kinda of have to “find your way” of what works.
Hope you find this helpful!



Studio Tour!

Welp, I will finally share my space with you 😉 It’s still a little bare. I have a gorgeous organic bloom frame coming soon!!!
This is the view from the front door. Over to the right side of the picture is a wall space for sibling, parent and older babies sessions! I have the option of natural light or studio since there are 2 windows over there. Not photographed=mess lol


Parents have a comfy seating area, tv and free wifi!


I store alot of hats, headbands wraps and tiny props in the dresser. Before the session I just grab what I need!



This is my blanket storage closet!!! It’s HEAVEN and actually organized!!! It’s located in my newborn room!

And here is the famous newborn room! The perfect size for backdrop stand, studio or natural light and beanbag. Small enough to keep warm!
My closet is on the other wall across from beanbag. It looks so clean here. I should take a pic after a newborn session lol

I will take some “update” shots as things find a place. Right now, I just have so much space I dunno what to do with it!!!!
I do plan on showing off some pullback shots…it’s just hard to remember when I am in “the zone”
I hope to have my wood wall and floor plank up soon! Just gotta find the time…ya know?

thanks for looking!


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While they are appropriate times during your session to “wrap” your babies, I.e. on their backs, you can also save time by performing this “lil trick”

Instead of picking up your baby from the posed position to add a wrap, simply tuck it!


My wraps are a small square and simply tuck it around the front of the baby (legs, arm, shoulder) and then lay it across their back and tuck on the other side or twist it and let it flow behind them 😉



This doesn’t work for every pose but does for most and it helps keep your sessions flowing. Just keep the same position, add a wrap and change your stance (flip your pic) for a totally different look 😉


Up this week….studio tour and hopefully next week PULLBACKS!

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