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Studio Tour!

March 13, 2013

Welp, I will finally share my space with you 😉 It’s still a little bare. I have a gorgeous organic bloom frame coming soon!!!
This is the view from the front door. Over to the right side of the picture is a wall space for sibling, parent and older babies sessions! I have the option of natural light or studio since there are 2 windows over there. Not photographed=mess lol


Parents have a comfy seating area, tv and free wifi!


I store alot of hats, headbands wraps and tiny props in the dresser. Before the session I just grab what I need!



This is my blanket storage closet!!! It’s HEAVEN and actually organized!!! It’s located in my newborn room!

And here is the famous newborn room! The perfect size for backdrop stand, studio or natural light and beanbag. Small enough to keep warm!
My closet is on the other wall across from beanbag. It looks so clean here. I should take a pic after a newborn session lol

I will take some “update” shots as things find a place. Right now, I just have so much space I dunno what to do with it!!!!
I do plan on showing off some pullback shots…it’s just hard to remember when I am in “the zone”
I hope to have my wood wall and floor plank up soon! Just gotta find the time…ya know?

thanks for looking!

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