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Some before and afters!

March 22, 2013

I had the MOST gorgeous baby boy come into the studio on Wednesday!! His mommy called me the day before to deliver the news of some “skin issues”. Poor guy had a little contact dermatitis on his trunk. I convinced her to keep the appointment and told her I can “fix” it.
I used my HUe/Sat and pulled out some red. Made a new layer. Clicked on some pretty colored skin and lowered my opacity to around 20 something and painted over the splotchy red on his back…a few times until I liked it. LOVE THAT BLANKET-looks like denim=obsessed for boys!

Here is a pullback shot of how I pose my babies to keep their faces out of the blanket. So they have 2 eyes instead of 1 😉 It’s nothing fancy but a long skinny pillow folded in half. It’s what works for me. I’M sure you have something around the house you could use instead of buying expensive posing pillows or purchase them. I’m sure they work great! But I am a home made kind of girl. I also folded his blanket and tucked it under the blankets where his feet are just to lift them a little.

Again, this is what works for me. YOu kinda of have to “find your way” of what works.
Hope you find this helpful!


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