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April 17, 2013

awwwwww the wood floor look!! How in the world do you do it? Well, there are TONS of ways! For instance, my first wood floor was PAPER! Yup! Paper. It worked for awhile and then in wrinkled, ripped etc etc.

I had this vision of GORGEOUS wood walls and I knew exactly what it looked like in my head. I just had to try and get it out of my head and into words for the hubby to understand 🙂
He did. Here is what we did.
SO I knew I wanted REAL looking hard wood floors with 3D knots and grooves. I didn’t want a sheen or shine to my wood like laminate does. Plus there are no grooves when you put them together. SO at Lowe’s we purchased 3 side paneling pieces. They are about $30 each. They measure 6×9…I think.
Picked out my stain. It’s a preference thing. I steered away from anything that was real red or black.
I choose this: dark walnut is the stain color.
I picked up 3 cans thinking I would need it all and hubby said I wouldn’t. I didn’t listen to him and he was right. 1 small can did those big 3 slabs of wood. But again, it takes more stain to make it darker..its a preference thing.

The bottom floor are 2 pushed together and the top one is just layed horizontal. I like the grooves on the floor running vertical to give the picture depth. I may change it when I get bored :0
Here is a picture straight out of the camera using natural light 50mm 1.2L lens and automatic white balance. ISO 160 ss 250 2.0f stop
Here is the same shot with my alien bee set at 1/16th. Camera settings the same except I changed my white balance to K5600 (kelvin)
I like the studio light one better.

This is just how I did it and what works for me in my studio. Did the paper floors work? Sure. But only for awhile and I like getting the most bang for my buck!!!

I will be posting a session using the floors later this week 😉

xoxo ,

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