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Before and After’s AKA MAGIC

May 3, 2013

Soooooooooo dad REALLY wanted this image done of his son in the football helmet. I have seen them done ( I studied) but when I heard lil man was 8 lbs and some change at birth I got nervous!!! I wasn’t gonna be doing his session until he was 2 weeks old. SO the whole time I figured I would photoshop him on the helmet. So I made sure to get that pose on the beanbag so I could do so 🙂
BUT he did so good at his session and we padded the helmet so nicely +paci and WHALA!
So here is the before of how it went down…
Hopefully the picture is self explanatory!

So then mom hits me up with this one. This rocking chair was handmade by her dad 30 years ago!!! On the bottom is happy 2nd birthday etched in the wood…I about died!! So sweet! And she has it in the baby’s nursery now, so I knew what to do 😉
No waaaaay was he gonna fit on that seat nor let us try+too risky.
So I took 2 pictures. One of just the horse and one of him on the same white blanket.
I just moved him and the blanket to the bottom of the horse and did some resizing. Now, Mom knows we did this but I bet grandpa is BLOWN AWAY (in my very best Carrie Underwood voice).

And remember*****Patience is the KEY to newborn photography!

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