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How to prepare mommies for their newborn’s session

This is a special request blog from a follower. I do get asked alot what do I tell them to make things go so smoothly and organized.
Again, this is what I do and what I say so you will need to refresh this into your speech 😉

Once the session is scheduled, I have the mommies text or email a picture of the nursery. This is so I can plan out all my blankets and props. I then email them what I call an “outline” to read over before the session. I tell them that it will explain everything they need to know about the session and what they will need to bring.
1. I ask that they loosen the baby’s diaper for the car ride. This helps with the little red marks on their legs. Plump babies (over 8 lbs) will need this done but the teeny ones will not. Preemie diapers are still big for them lol
2. I ask that they dress them in a button down onesie. This is so I don’t have to pull anything over their head. We all know they hate that!!
3. I ask they collect any items they want to use in the session beforehand – family heirlooms, toys, monogrammed blankets, etc. I go through them with you to determine what will look best in the pictures.
4. I ask that they feed the baby before coming so they arrive with a full belly.
5.I ask that they bring a pacifier even if they don’t take it. Most babies don’t need it but babies do love to suck and I do have to handle them alot and sometimes they wake up. When a newborn is awake the only thing they know to do is eat, so sometimes a suck or 2 sends them right back into milk land 🙂
6. I ask that they decide if they will be in the pictures with the baby and have them dress accordingly. I recommend a black strapless shirt or tank top for mom. Black t shirt for dad. For those young skinny moms, I like to encourage them to let me wrap them so they are skin on skin.
7. I tell them that their babies can smell them from across the room! And ask that they wait in the waiting area. This isn’t to hurt their feelings I just want baby to dream sleep dreams instead of “where’s my milk” dreams.
8. I tell parents to expect the session to last 3 hours(this is worst case scenario-very rare) and to bring plenty of snacks, drinks, thank you notes to write or a lap top to play on.

This is all I do for my newborns as far as the parents go. I am at the studio the day before preparing all my set ups so I flow from one to the other.
I hope this helps!

Coming soon!!! Studio TOUR FINALLY!!!!!

How to prepare your parents for the session!

Coming on MONDAY!


Prop shots!

I am no expert by no means on this! This (again) is what I do that works for me! I would love for you to comment and add suggestions! If I have a weekpoint (I have 2 actually) this is it!

First thing I wanna talk about is buckets, baskets or anything deep! Place a weight in the bottom toward the back!! The last thing you want is your bucket/basket tumbling over. Also, use a study prop. DO NOT use anything that will collapse and please don’t try and “stuff” a baby in anything!
Second-It helps to give your baby a shelve for their arms, hands etc. In the picture below, the yellow blanket has about 2 other blankets rolled up in it. Creating a firm shelve for her arms/head.
Same thing in this picture. It can’t possibly be comfortable for a baby to lay on the edge of a wood bucket or stick feeling basket right?
Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t get the baby to sit right in the prop (look comfortable and most of BE SAFE). Have a back up plan! Stuffing a basket/bucket with blankets, placing the baby on top and then shooting from above makes a great picture and isn’t as tricky (except covering the you know whats with their feet lol).
reeseweb 085
Remember, make it safe first. Have spotters, crop out parents hands etc. Images that you see floating around facebook have been photoshopped. I promise! I tend to do the simpler shots but every now and then I get these cool moms 🙂
Fisherweb bw 032

ellyfinal 077web

teddywebnaked 058

I would LOVE to here your suggestions or any tricks you have! I’m still trying to master the “prop shots” but again, I tend to like the simpler side of things 😉
ellyweb 005


Props Props Props-blogging about it this week-stay tuned!


Blog about how to get them in that dang bucket without them sinking!


My newborn flow of poses

This is how I pose my newborns and what works for me. Hopefully it will be a start for you until you find your flow.

I have 5 MAIN poses that I do: side taco, feet under on belly, pray pose(these seen in picture below) and 2 “prop shot” poses (I will have a separate post for prop shots-don’t worry) Optional or upon request head in hands pose (makes 6).

With these poses I get about 6-7 pictures all looking very different by changing my position and tilting my camera giving a nice tilt and don’t forget face shots. You can read more about how to get those 6-7 pictures out of 1 pose here:

Here are some angle examples




I also make sure to add headbands/hats and wraps to these poses and FLIP your pictures.
From the feet under belly position it’s very easy change hand positions like this
From the pray pose it’s easy to change hands to this:

I do these 3 poses on 3 different blankets. Here is my set up with my blankets layered. (we will touch on this in another blog)
I also use puppy pee pads (large) under my blankets with a blanket that I’m using in-between.
DOn’t mind my lil angels in the background 😉
Again, I’m not the best writer but I hope I can teach you through pictures. I am a very visual learner haha.
Coming up this week: Prop shots!

Pullback and blanket fade how to!

I wanted to real quick show a pullback shot and the after edit shot.IMG_1280

And of course, after the edit.


Here is how to do a blanket fade ( I don’t do this much-it’s a preference thing)

Make a new layer.

grab your dropper tool and click a light color on the blanket (I suggest behind the baby)


Then with your paint brush tool (my brush  was set to 300) brush corners and top of picture (if your color you chose is too light choose a little darker). Then change your opacity to about 70%ish and move in closer around the baby.


I even went around the bottom corners of the picture with the brush with my opacity still set at 70%


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